You Do It To Yourself And That’s Why It Really Hurts

From a history class in the year 2500 A.D. Teacher: One of the things men in the 21st century absolutely despised was attending meetings. No one liked meetings. Student: I don’t know if I can believe that. Teacher: Why? Student: If everyone hated meetings, who was scheduling all the meetings? Teacher: The same people thatContinue reading “You Do It To Yourself And That’s Why It Really Hurts”

Talking With My 12-Year-Old Daughter About The Rich

“Camilla: Is it good to be cosmopolitan? Gibbs: Being cosmopolitan will not save your soul, but it is good that some people are cosmopolitan. In┬áReflections on the Revolution in France, Edmund Burke says it is good for the church to have a few wealthy, well-travelled bishops. Cosmopolitan bishops are easier for rich people to respect,Continue reading “Talking With My 12-Year-Old Daughter About The Rich”

If Children Answered Questions Like Adults Being Interviewed On NPR

Mrs. Grady: Class, what is 9 divided by 3? Lucas? Lucas (7): Absolutely. Yeah. So, 3? __ Dad: Did you call your sister a ‘puke sandwhich’ and hit her in the face with the Happy Pumper? Elijah (5): Sure. So, no. __ Mr. Ogleby: Alright, my little biologists. First review question from yesterday’s lesson: IsContinue reading “If Children Answered Questions Like Adults Being Interviewed On NPR”

On Bitcoin

Gibbs: (walking out of Ready Player One in the year 2018) That was lousy. Time traveller from 2021: Believe it or not, three years from now, the premise of that movie will come true and overtake our currency markets. Lousy or not, that movie will prove prescient. Gibbs: You’re crazy. Time traveller from 2021: YouContinue reading “On Bitcoin”

Michael W. Smith

My latest for CiRCE concerns the place of contemporary Christian music in classical Christian schools. Is it enough that a book, song, or record be “Christian”? Or, do classical Christian schools have a higher standard than “mere Christianity”? If classical schools have a higher standard than “mere Christianity,” why? And what is that standard?

Not Worried

Christian Pastor: *writes article about the importance of marriage* Christian singles in the comments section: This is so offensive. What about us? Singles are some of the most neglected people in the church. Christian singles on Instagram: Travel is *so* important.

Regret (The Human Condition)

Just before he dies, in the few seconds beforehand, every man feels he has just inherited a measureless fortune. A hundred trillion dollars, let us say. Q: What does it feel like to die? A: Dying feels like learning you have inherited a hundred trillion dollars and then dying only a few seconds later.