“Water Is Life”

Tom: Hey, wanted to ask you a question about your sign.

Harry: We’re very passionate about social justice.

Tom: Sure. I just wanted to know what “WATER IS LIFE” means?

Harry: Huh?

Tom: Your sign says you believe “WATER IS LIFE.” I don’t get it.

Harry: Oh, right. Well… I have to admit, I’m not too clear on what that one means.

Tom: Do you think it just means that unless you drink some water from time to time, you die?

Harry: That thought has crossed my mind, but if that’s the case, I don’t get the angle. Because without air and food, you’re going to die, too.

Tom: Yeah, absolutely…

Harry: In all the other claims on the sign, I get the reference. You’ve got your race thing, your immigration thing, your gay thing, your feminist thing, your evolution thing. But… is a there a water thing?

Tom: Not that I’m aware of.

Harry: If there is, the water people need to get to work, you know what I’m saying?

Tom: It’s a fair point. I mean, if you’re going to justify your place on the sign, it seems like you better get off your duff and… I don’t know.

Harry: Burn a city bus?

Tom: Well, it’d be a good start.  

Harry: You burn a city bus, people are going to need some water to put it out. Seems like you’d make your point pretty clear.

Published by Joshua Gibbs

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