How To Show A Video In The Classroom

“Many teachers defend showing videos in class on the grounds they’re “educational,” but this proves far too little. You can teach children data with a screen, but data isn’t formational. Screens are formational, though. A little child who uses videos to learn the alphabet may learn his subject much faster than a little child learning the alphabetContinue reading “How To Show A Video In The Classroom”

Is Classical Christian Education Necessarily Racist?

“One of the first objections skeptics raise to classical Christian education is the insistence that slavery is old and so classical Christian education must be racist given it vindicates everything old; however, classicism does not vindicate everything old. It assumes the goodness of things which last, and slavery is a human institution which has beenContinue reading “Is Classical Christian Education Necessarily Racist?”

Schedule For The 2023 Gibbs Classical Online Conference

FRIDAY, JUNE 23 Session No. 1 | 10:30 am How to Test, How to Grade What does a fair test over Augustine’s Confessions look like for an eighth grader? How about a sophomore? What about a fourth grader? And what’s the difference between an essay that earns an 87% as opposed to an 88%?   This lectureContinue reading “Schedule For The 2023 Gibbs Classical Online Conference”