The American Version Of Submission

Michel Houellebecq’s Submission (2015) is the story of a secularist college professor named François who must figure out what he actually stands for after France is (mostly) peacefully, democratically overtaken by Islamists and something like Sharia law is imposed. His university gives him a generous severance package, but offers him even more money if heContinue reading “The American Version Of Submission”

Cultivate Virtue, But Get Real

Student: I’m worried that our class just isn’t moving fast enough through the material. We’re not getting much done. Teacher: Well, a classical education isn’t about covering material. It’s about cultivating virtue. Student: No one is cultivating virtue in your class. That’s the problem. You spend so much time every day lecturing the boys onContinue reading “Cultivate Virtue, But Get Real”

Adult Slang: “Adjacent” Is The New “Pivot”

Remember back in 2020 when everybody wanted to use the word “pivot”? Journalists, critiques, commentators, everyone really, loved an excuse to use the word “pivot.” It was so modern, so edgy, and sounded so informed and zeitgeisty. Now everyone wants to say “adjacent.” “This coffee isn’t fruity, but it’s fruit-adjacent.” “This movie isn’t horror, butContinue reading “Adult Slang: “Adjacent” Is The New “Pivot””

Is Classical Education Sustainable?

“Yet many school leaders misunderstand the basis of culture, seeing it as something produced more by a shared vision than by shared behavior. In other words, they emphasize the ends while giving insufficient attention to the means. In the classical sphere, many leaders commit this error because they are more comfortable in the world ofContinue reading “Is Classical Education Sustainable?”

10 Favorite Music Videos Of All Time

10. Across the Universe, Fiona Apple (Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson) 9. Gosh, Jamie XX (Directed by Romain Gavras) 8. Lost Cause, Beck 7. Let Forever Be, The Chemical Brothers (Directed by Michel Gondry) 6. Virtual Insanity, Jamiroquai (Directed by Jonathan Glazer) 5. Bachelorette, Bjork (Directed by Michel Gondry) 4. Just, Radiohead (Directed by JamieContinue reading “10 Favorite Music Videos Of All Time”


If you’ve just heard or read the word “prayerfully,” you’ve just been asked to consider giving money. It’s the only time anyone uses the word “prayerfully.” Please prayerfully consider making a donation. Let me prayerfully ask you to consider using this word in other contexts, though. As in, “Please prayerfully chew with your mouth closed.”Continue reading “Prayerfully”