New Uncritical Prejudices

There is no “bizarre” Old Testament purity law moden men wouldn’t take seriously if “recent studies” showed it had health benefits. One easily imagines “cloth spun of two fibers” becoming unpopular after headlines reported human skin was healthier (“and 20% more luminous”) when regularly covered with single fiber cloth. Neither would anyone who decided toContinue reading “New Uncritical Prejudices”

Michael W. Smith

My latest for CiRCE concerns the place of contemporary Christian music in classical Christian schools. Is it enough that a book, song, or record be “Christian”? Or, do classical Christian schools have a higher standard than “mere Christianity”? If classical schools have a higher standard than “mere Christianity,” why? And what is that standard?

Make Up Your Minds

Is Earth the best place to be human? Maybe not, according to scientists at Washington State University, who have lately identified “superhabitable” planets that are “warmer and wetter than Earth.” More habitable. Warmer and wetter.

Speaking Engagement

In October, I will deliver a lecture entitled “The Classical Christian War on Competence” at the CiRCE Online Conference. The lecture will center on four subjects: classical writing programs, the Grammy Awards, kidnap-victim Jaycee Lee Dugard, and the following proverb of Nicolás Gómez Dávila: “Modern man is a prisoner who thinks he is free becauseContinue reading “Speaking Engagement”