In The Running

On a release calendar stacked with films from my favorite directors (Jonathan Glazer, Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson), this movie might end up being my favorite of the year. The best time I’ve had at the theater in a very long time.

When Mid-Level Intellectuals Play King Of The Hill For Web Traffic Glory

“Tom: Have you read Mark’s takedown of Sam’s latest article? Harry: No. Tom: Have you read Sam’s latest article? Harry: No. Tom: Okay, you should read Sam’s latest article so you can read Mark’s takedown. Harry: Okay. Tom: Actually, Sam’s latest article is a response to Reggie’s latest article, so you should read Reggie’s first.Continue reading “When Mid-Level Intellectuals Play King Of The Hill For Web Traffic Glory”

Every Hulu/AppleTV+ Show For The Last Two Years Has This Premise And Trailer.

In the future… …ninety people… (single piano key plinking) …live in a giant dystopian bucket… …they’re about to find out… …the bucket… …is actually something other than a bucket. (Massive orchestral version of Starship’s “We Built This City” begins playing in a minor key.) The bucket… is… full… of… secrets. The Bucket Coming Soon

A Tough Conversation About Suicide

My latest for CiRCE is a little fictional and a little philosophical. If senior thesis season rolled around at a Christian school which taught students “how to think, not what to think,” and a certain student wanted to present a very elegant, sophisticated, and well-researched argument in favor of suicide, what would happen?

Uneducated Or Ignorant?

Many people use the word “ignorant” and “uneducated” interchangeably, which is ironic given that the word “ignorant” is largely composed of the word “ignore.” An ignorant person is not someone who hasn’t been to school, but someone who ignores what is obvious, common, easily observable, often discussed, or typically advised. An ignorant person is someoneContinue reading “Uneducated Or Ignorant?”

Thoughts On The National’s “First Two Pages of Frankenstein”

Over the National’s last five albums, Matt Berninger has come to rely more and more heavily on a specific lyrical formula. I was doing something random and specific/ You were doing something even more random (with too many syllables)/ Sardonic question? It practically writes itself. I was selling peacocks to priests in Berlin/ You wereContinue reading “Thoughts On The National’s “First Two Pages of Frankenstein””