Many Classical Christian Schools Have Their Own Sort Of Cancel Culture

“While somewhat awkward (and perhaps a little macabre), it would be worthwhile for any ecumenical school administration which fires an Orthodox or Catholic convert to ask in the exit interview, “What does it feel like to suffer such a huge loss for your convictions?” I suspect the answer would help the school deal in aContinue reading “Many Classical Christian Schools Have Their Own Sort Of Cancel Culture”


“While progressives have great contempt for the past, they often have a more accurate sense of the past’s worth than conservatives do. Naïve and unrefined conservatives are sometimes willing to sell off huge tracts of the past at cut rates, but progressives who buy up the past never underestimate its worth. Because traditional things areContinue reading “Heirlooms”

Lecture: How Should Christians Watch Movies?

On the evening of Thursday, April 22nd, at 8:00pm EST, I will give a lecture entitled “How Should Christians Watch Movies?” The lecture will include readings from Love What Lasts, my forthcoming book from The CiRCE Institute. As per usual, the lecture will not be recorded. While there is a good deal of conversation amongContinue reading “Lecture: How Should Christians Watch Movies?”

How To Not Raise Egotists

“There’s a certain sort of teenager who simply cannot appreciate the fact that adults—specifically teachers and parents—are reasonable, feeling human beings who respond in realistic ways to insult, abuse, slight, and offense.” -from How To Not Raise Egotists, my latest for CiRCE