If you’ve just heard or read the word “prayerfully,” you’ve just been asked to consider giving money. It’s the only time anyone uses the word “prayerfully.” Please prayerfully consider making a donation. Let me prayerfully ask you to consider using this word in other contexts, though. As in, “Please prayerfully chew with your mouth closed.”Continue reading “Prayerfully”


Tom: I had to stay after school to deal with a bad student. Harry: A “bad student.” Wow. That’s such an extreme judgment. I don’t know that I believe in “bad students.” I believe in misguided students, underprivileged students, wild students. But “bad students”? Yikes. Tom: Do you believe in “bad teachers”? Harry: That’s different.Continue reading “Bad”

Talk To Me

“I don’t allow students to email me about anything which could be addressed in person. Students who don’t have the nerve to boldly ask adults for favors, opinions, or permission will be at a significant disadvantage when they enter their 20s. The only way to acquire such nerve is through practice.” -from “Do Not EmailContinue reading “Talk To Me”