Molly Drake Is Sublime

Jon Paul introduced this record to me on a recent trip to New York City. At times, it sounds like Jules Massenet’s Les amoureuses sont des folles, at times it reminds me of Anne Briggs, at other times it sounds like nursery lullabies.

It is fascinating to think of Nick Drake listening to these songs, all originals, when a child.

A Discussion Guide For Overhauling Your Writing Program

“Classical Christian schools overhaul their writing programs around every three to four years. This means there is a good chance your school is overhauling their writing program this summer. Before you make any new curriculum purchases or draft new writing requirements for teachers to follow, allow me to humbly suggest you talk through the following writing program discussion guide.”

-from my latest for CiRCE

I should note that if anyone thinks piece is cynical, they haven’t been in the trenches lately.

Something Further On The Rhetoric Stage Not Existing

It often happens that as I am working out some new idea, I post something and then delete it hours later when I realize there is far more to the idea than I initially estimated.

Suffice to say, I intend to argue at length before the summer is over that–at least so far as high school is concerned–there is no “rhetoric stage,” and that only the grammar stage exists.

The longer I mull this idea over, the more deeply it resonates with my seventeen years of teaching high school. The longer I think it over, the more it makes sense of why high school students write the way they do, reason the way they do.

Before saying anything else on the matter, I would like to form my thoughts and arguments a bit more. I’m anticipating a good deal of disagreement.

Rethinking Scope And Sequence

“Because we are all crypto-Marxists, we think it best to lay out our Humanities curriculum chronologically, as though books from the sixteenth century have more in common than British books (common by place), Catholic books (common by dogma), or philosophy books (common by discipline) from different centuries. The idea that time dominates all other themes is born of a progressive view of history.”