Grow A Spine

As have many classical educators, over the last several years I have written quite a lot about the need for teachers to “inspire wonder” in their students.

But I have also written quite a lot about the need for classical schools to have a few dogmas, a few beliefs that simply aren’t up for debate.

My latest for CiRCE explores these twin needs, and what happens to students whose teachers inspired wonder, but never offered any sure ground to stand on.

Not Worried

Christian Pastor: *writes article about the importance of marriage*

Christian singles in the comments section: This is so offensive. What about us? Singles are some of the most neglected people in the church.

Christian singles on Instagram: Travel is *so* important.


Historically speaking, effective political reform usually involves just two things: the cancellation of debt and the cancellation of ridiculous lawsuits. The United States is thus unlikely to ever reform, for Republicans refuse to do one of these things and Democrats refuse to do the other.

Fill In The Blank

In lieu of actual human sacrifice, which secularists find too expressly religious to be enjoyed, the definition of (fill in the blank) will become far more vague and arbitrary, charges of (fill in the blank) will become far more common, and the penalty for (fill in the blank) will become far more extreme.

Regret (The Human Condition)

Just before he dies, in the few seconds beforehand, every man feels he has just inherited a measureless fortune. A hundred trillion dollars, let us say.

Q: What does it feel like to die?

A: Dying feels like learning you have inherited a hundred trillion dollars and then dying only a few seconds later.