Every Teacher Should Read Fiction

“Regardless of their subject, teachers need to read fiction about children who are the same age as their students. Teachers who don’t read enough fiction about youth can quickly come to believe ‘kids used to be different—better,’ which will lead the teacher to despise his students. Fiction about youth corrects the pretentions of a teacher who is too lenient or too strict with his students. Fiction teaches love.”

-from Every Teacher Should Read Fiction, my latest for CiRCE

Teaching Courage In A Sentimental Age

“Our distaste for courage is born of sentimentalism, the belief that it is never right to ask or force others to endure emotional discomfort. Given that the Lord teaches ‘no discipline is pleasant,’ and Solomon teaches ‘with much knowledge comes much sorrow,’ sentimentalists and honest educators are necessarily on a collision course.” 

-from my latest for CiRCE

A Classical Education Requires Humility, Not Brilliance

“A classical education is a place for remedy, medicine, balm, ointment, and healing. It is a confessional booth. If a classical school is a place for therapy, then it is a place for learning to walk again after a car crash, not a place for a psychiatrist’s couch. It is a place for people who have hope and need help. It is not a place for people who are just fine, special, brilliant, advanced, and desperately in need of confirmation and praise. Those who are well do not need a physician.”

-from Only Man Can Be Healed

Summer 2021: On The Road

This summer, we will drive more than 6000 miles and see many national parks and old friends. This is the official trip playlist, which I have made collaborative for anyone who wants to listen, discern the mood, and add a few song to help out the family.

Love What Lasts: Wine

This often happens: a taste or two into a $15 bottle of red, I think, “This is so good, I should go back and buy a case.” And yet, halfway through the second glass, I think, “This is actually a bit too sweet to be all that interesting.”

It is easy to confuse sweetness, which is easy to like, for goodness.

Only Man Can Be Healed

“Of all sentient beings, humans are unique in this: once spiritually broken, they can be repaired. Like angels, man may fall. Like animals, man may die. But unlike angels and animals, between the falling and the dying, a human being may be restored to God.

A classical education is the education that naturally follows from this premise.”

-From Only Man Can Be Healed, my latest for CiRCE

On The Basis

I bought this one on the basis of hot recommendations from Sofia Coppola and Nick Hornby (both of whom I trust pretty far) and found it so good, I had to pace myself to make it last.

I liked it so much, in fact, that I really didn’t care how badly it ended (I am terribly picky about endings), but I found the last twenty pages immensely satisfying. The best new novel I’ve read since My Year Of Rest and Relaxation.