Is Classical Education On The Right Side Of History?

“Parent: Given the profound importance of recent events, I wondered what changes you planned on making to your curriculum for the coming year.

Gibbs: That’s a question traditionalists have been asked for over two hundred years now. Ever since the French Revolution, there has been an endless succession of “profoundly important recent events” that are supposed to make people like me give up teaching old books.”

My latest for CiRCE is up now.

Go Live Your Lives

At the end of a long lecture on some esoteric philosophical or theological subject, a teacher often wants to tell his students, “Alright, now go live your lives!” When he says this, he means, “Go on a long walk. Go write a poem for a girl. Go get a job. Go quit the job because a better one has come along. Go lay awake in bed and wonder why you’re sinning more this year than last year. Go give ten dollars to a homeless man. Go get caught. Go do all the human things.”

My latest for CiRCE is about why good books demand a full, diverse life.

That Life

Yesterday, I passed a woman slowly driving a minivan with a bumper sticker that read, “Live the life you love.”

She was driving slowly because she was texting.

This was the life she loved. Is Now Live

You can now register at to take my Foundations of Modern Politics class online in the fall. In the class, we will cover The Social Contract, The Communist Manifesto, Reflections on the Revolution in France, and Plato’s Republic. The class will meet Friday afternoons between late August and Christmas, is open to anyone 15 years or older, and the cost is $325.

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