My Strategy Is Simple: Tell It Like It Is

“At the moment, there are so many classical Christian schools hiring that whoever writes job postings simply has to assume stiff competition. That’s not happening, though. Classical Christian schools are still writing job postings as though classical Christian education is a small, scrappy movement for idealists and fringe weirdos who will be happy with anythingContinue reading “My Strategy Is Simple: Tell It Like It Is”

The American Version Of Submission

Michel Houellebecq’s Submission (2015) is the story of a secularist college professor named François who must figure out what he actually stands for after France is (mostly) peacefully, democratically overtaken by Islamists and something like Sharia law is imposed. His university gives him a generous severance package, but offers him even more money if heContinue reading “The American Version Of Submission”

Cultivate Virtue, But Get Real

Student: I’m worried that our class just isn’t moving fast enough through the material. We’re not getting much done. Teacher: Well, a classical education isn’t about covering material. It’s about cultivating virtue. Student: No one is cultivating virtue in your class. That’s the problem. You spend so much time every day lecturing the boys onContinue reading “Cultivate Virtue, But Get Real”

Rethinking Scope And Sequence

“Because we are all crypto-Marxists, we think it best to lay out our Humanities curriculum chronologically, as though books from the sixteenth century have more in common than British books (common by place), Catholic books (common by dogma), or philosophy books (common by discipline) from different centuries. The idea that time dominates all other themesContinue reading “Rethinking Scope And Sequence”