If You Are A Lousy Father, You Have To Figure It Out On Your Own

“In mulling Mr. Collins over for the last several days, I have come (once again) to a rather sobering thesis: I might be a lousy father. It is a thesis which follows inevitably from two rather simple facts, both easily proved by an honest, unsentimental assessment of the world. First, lousy fathers exist. Second, lousy fathers are unlikely to beContinue reading “If You Are A Lousy Father, You Have To Figure It Out On Your Own”

Know It All

“Dying societies accumulate laws like dying men accumulate remedies.” -Nicolas Gomez Davila As men implode–as their marriages fail, as their relationships with their children fall apart–they become all the more insistent that they know how happy, competent men ought to live.

Worth It

It would be worth it for Christians (especially Christian couples) to sort out now how they will respond when the inevitable occurs and the “terms and conditions” that we blindly agree to–and which are now attached to a growing number of products and services–contain a whole bunch of anti-Christian dogmas.

Suicide In Germany

“The individual’s decision to end their own life, based on how they personally define quality of life and a meaningful existence eludes any evaluation on the basis of general values, religious dogmas, societal norms for dealing with life and death, or consideration of objective rationality.” -The highest court in Germany rules on an individual’s right toContinue reading “Suicide In Germany”