Registration Is Now Open For The 2022 Gibbs Classical Online Summer Conference

You can learn more about the conference and register here. Here’s the full rundown on the lectures I am giving: July 8, 2022 (Friday): Session No. 1 (10:30am EST): How to Set Your Classroom Apart as Sacred Space: Curriculum matters, but so do mood and atmosphere. Many teachers struggle to develop an atmosphere in theirContinue reading “Registration Is Now Open For The 2022 Gibbs Classical Online Summer Conference”

Proverbial: On Hate

The latest episode of Proverbial, Losing Sleep, is on the subject of hate, which I seem to write and lecture about quite often. After you listen to the episode, you might enjoy Hate Is Fashionable Once Again, a survey of contemporary conversations about hate.


There is nothing the modern man finds quite so pretentious as obedience. Obedience creates a real bond between the ruler and the ruled, the transcendent and the ephemeral, the obeyed and the obedient. This bond is simply not possible for the egalitarian, the radical individual, the self-made man, or the rebel. In the end, whoeverContinue reading “Snobs”