Is Classical Christian Education Necessarily Racist?

“One of the first objections skeptics raise to classical Christian education is the insistence that slavery is old and so classical Christian education must be racist given it vindicates everything old; however, classicism does not vindicate everything old. It assumes the goodness of things which last, and slavery is a human institution which has beenContinue reading “Is Classical Christian Education Necessarily Racist?”

Schedule For The 2023 Gibbs Classical Online Conference

FRIDAY, JUNE 23 Session No. 1 | 10:30 am How to Test, How to Grade What does a fair test over Augustine’s Confessions look like for an eighth grader? How about a sophomore? What about a fourth grader? And what’s the difference between an essay that earns an 87% as opposed to an 88%?   This lectureContinue reading “Schedule For The 2023 Gibbs Classical Online Conference”

On Finding Missionally-Aligned Families

If a certain classical school was not skilled at discerning which prospective families were missionally-aligned and which families weren’t, who would be the first to know? a. The administration b. The admissions office c. The faculty d. The parents of missionally-aligned families e. The children of missionally-aligned families f. Someone else

Starting A Classical School? Here’s Five Things You Have To Get Right The First Time

“Every year, classical Christian schools open by the dozen. Many start with fewer than forty students, but it is not unusual to see a classical school go from forty students to one hundred in less than a decade, and that decade goes fast. Despite how common such growth is, many schools are not founded onContinue reading “Starting A Classical School? Here’s Five Things You Have To Get Right The First Time”

Wisdom Literature for Beginners Starts This Friday

Registration is still open for Wisdom Literature for Beginners, the Spring class I am offering through Gibbs Classical. The reading schedule is very light and the lectures will be dense and focused. Here is our schedule: January 13: The Consolation of Philosophy (Book 1)  January 20: Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1 January 27: Consolation (Book 1), EcclesiastesContinue reading “Wisdom Literature for Beginners Starts This Friday”

How To Keep Classical Christian Education From Falling Apart

“Imagine a league of eight or ten classical Christian schools forming in the future over a shared frustration that the “classical Christian” designation had come to mean so little. Suppose membership in this league were based on obedience to a number of cultural credos, like no smart phones or social media among students (or maybeContinue reading “How To Keep Classical Christian Education From Falling Apart”