The 7 Best Songs Not On Spotify

“Direction,” by Interpol

“Paradise Circus,” (Burial Remix) by Massive Attack

“This Temporary Life,” by Death Cab for Cutie

“Polaroid Millennium,” by Superior

“Fools Rush In,” (Kevin Shields Remix) by Bow Wow Wow

“I’ll Try Anything Once,” (demo) by Julian Casablancas

“This,” by Brian Eno

It’s Different

Tom: Capital punishment is stupid. You can’t prove killing is wrong by killing.

Harry: How do propose kidnappers should be punished?

Tom: They should be put in prison.

Harry: Doesn’t putting someone in jail seem a lot like kidnapping to you?

Tom: No. Why?

Harry: I mean, sending someone to jail for kidnapping means you’re forcibly taking someone and locking them up as punishment for forcibly taking someone and locking them up.

Tom: It’s different.

Harry: Totally.