My friend Andrew introduced this song to me in a collaborative playlist the trio put together for New Year’s Eve. I have listened to it many times since then. As someone who has written a good deal on the subject of nostalgia over the last five years, I must say I am astonished at how well Mulatu Astatke (who I had not previously heard of) captures the nostalgic mood.

When it first came on, I thought it was a Leyland James Kirby track. The fact that it’s not makes me more impressed with both Kirby and Astatke.

Worth It

It would be worth it for Christians (especially Christian couples) to sort out now how they will respond when the inevitable occurs and the “terms and conditions” that we blindly agree to–and which are now attached to a growing number of products and services–contain a whole bunch of anti-Christian dogmas.

Not A Coincidence

Around the same time scientists gave parents the ability to choose the sex of their children, politicians gave children the ability to reverse the decisions their parents made.

Sexual assignment invariably led to sexual reassignment. What parents would not leave to nature, neither would their children.

So Tawdry

A tried and true way of climbing the ranks of the online intellectual world: pick a fight with someone just a little bigger than you, hope they respond, win a little web traffic in the process.


Thursday night: the dangers of Patreon intellectuals, how the wellness industry has spread into private education, the feel-good flattery of bloggers whose ad revenue depends on telling everyone, “Society demands too much of people like you,” and more.

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In Loco Parentis

My lecture Thursday night, “Intellectual Honesty in an Age of Flattery,” will gloss an increasingly troublesome conception of the classical Christian classroom as “a safe space where none of my son’s ideas about god, politics, and video games are ever challenged.”

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