My Favorite Song By…

Miles Davis: “It Never Entered My Mind” The Beatles: “The Long and Winding Road” Oasis: “Slide Away” The Rolling Stones: “Emotional Rescue” Nirvana: “Something In The Way” U2: “Ultra Violet (Light My Way)” The Clash: “Straight To Hell” Tom Petty: “Walls (Circus)” R.E.M.: “At My Most Beautiful” The Cure: “All Cats Are Grey” Simon &Continue reading “My Favorite Song By…”

Ted Lasso’s Secret? He’s An Evangelical

Ted Lasso only makes sense as an evangelical, though the writers of the show refuse to admit it. It’s not just the blend of optimism and humility which make him an evangelical (not just generically Christian, but Midwestern evangelical in particular), but the fact he is obviously patterned after the most famous Christian television characterContinue reading “Ted Lasso’s Secret? He’s An Evangelical”

In Desperate Need Of Definition

“The days are surely coming when the word ‘classical’ will be as ambiguous as the word ‘Republican,’ a term which now encompasses everyone from Never Trumpers like Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse to the QAnon Shaman who stormed the Capitol.” -from “The Downside of Classical Christian Education’s Rising Popularity,” which I will deliver next week atContinue reading “In Desperate Need Of Definition”

Overlapping Aesthetics

Very few period pieces set in the 1980s are all that convincing because the average home in 1985 was largely stocked with goods and styles from the 1970s and late 1960s, although contemporary filmmakers typically stuff a “1985 home” with goods and styles that were fashionable in the year 1985.