A High Recommendation

This book is a revelation. Memoirs of an upper middle class Austrian man who lived 1914 until 1998. My enjoyment of the book is likely buoyed by the fact I bought it while on holiday and simply because I liked the title and the cover. Nonetheless, every page offers something poignant.

The Growing Use Of Classroom Catechisms

The use of classroom catechisms has become widespread enough, my name is no longer attached to the idea. I learned the other day that there are classical institutions out there offering tutorials on authoring and implementing catechisms. Apparently, there is sufficient demand for catechism-oriented consultation that others are offering it. For what it’s worth, IContinue reading “The Growing Use Of Classroom Catechisms”

My Favorite Song By…

Miles Davis: “It Never Entered My Mind” The Beatles: “The Long and Winding Road” Oasis: “Slide Away” The Rolling Stones: “Emotional Rescue” Nirvana: “Something In The Way” U2: “Ultra Violet (Light My Way)” The Clash: “Straight To Hell” Tom Petty: “Walls (Circus)” R.E.M.: “At My Most Beautiful” The Cure: “All Cats Are Grey” Simon &Continue reading “My Favorite Song By…”