Poetry: After Luther’s Commentary on Ecclesiastes

Making Up a Room For Grief by Joshua Gibbs Lest I be surprised and over thrown as though by a family of five arriving suddenly before dawn announcing a twelve year residency in my tiny house I have decided to begin making up a room for Grief I do not know when he will comeContinue reading “Poetry: After Luther’s Commentary on Ecclesiastes”

Other Compelling Lessons I Learned From “The Crown”

“While I appreciate the fact the so-called “Matthew 18 principle” prohibits gossip and slander, many Christians treat the “Matthew 18 principle” as a kind of theological-bureaucratic rigmarole that must be blown through before the real work of dismantling someone’s reputation or career can be “righteously” undertaken. I find it telling that the eighteenth chapter ofContinue reading “Other Compelling Lessons I Learned From “The Crown””