There is nothing the modern man finds quite so pretentious as obedience. Obedience creates a real bond between the ruler and the ruled, the transcendent and the ephemeral, the obeyed and the obedient. This bond is simply not possible for the egalitarian, the radical individual, the self-made man, or the rebel. In the end, whoeverContinue reading “Snobs”

A Senior Thesis I Would Like To Hear

Thesis: Solo sports are superior to team sports. Arguments: On the practical differences between the two, this thesis would argue solo sports (tennis, swimming, golf, and track & field) are superior because they can easily be practiced and played into adulthood, unlike team sports (volleyball, basketball, and soccer), which are rarely carried into adulthood. OnContinue reading “A Senior Thesis I Would Like To Hear” 2021-2022 Classes

Registration opens on Friday, May 21, for the following classes: Fall 2021 Courses: Foundations of Modern Politics and British Ladies of the Nineteenth Century Friday afternoons, September 3 through December 10 (no class November 26th) Foundations of Modern Politics will start at 1:45pm EST British Ladies of the 19th Century will start at 3:05pm EST Sessions run 65 minutes. __Continue reading “ 2021-2022 Classes”