You Need To Be Qualified To Read St. Paul

“The desire to treat every book of the Bible equally often inclines classical educators (and youth group leaders) to teach New Testament epistles to young students simply because St. Paul says a lot about grace and faith and salvation, which are subjects modern Christians obsess over. However, St. Paul’s teachings on faith are meaningless and even—to be frank—entirely counterproductive when they are given to people who are unfamiliar with the lives of faith (and works of faith) presented elsewhere in Scripture. If a student does not know about the construction of Solomon’s temple, the reforms of Jehu and Josiah, the Babylonian captivity, the commands of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount, and the ministry of the apostles, St. Paul’s teachings on grace and faith and salvation will only confuse and distort a right understanding of the Christian life.”

-from a forthcoming lecture at the Gibbs Classical Online Summer Conference

Published by Joshua Gibbs

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