Make Up Your Minds

Is Earth the best place to be human? Maybe not, according to scientists at Washington State University, who have lately identified “superhabitable” planets that are “warmer and wetter than Earth.” More habitable. Warmer and wetter.

That Life

Yesterday, I passed a woman slowly driving a minivan with a bumper sticker that read, “Live the life you love.” She was driving slowly because she was texting. This was the life she loved.


Historically speaking, effective political reform usually involves just two things: the cancellation of debt and the cancellation of ridiculous lawsuits. The United States is thus unlikely to ever reform, for Republicans refuse to do one of these things and Democrats refuse to do the other.

Fill In The Blank

In lieu of actual human sacrifice, which secularists find too expressly religious to be enjoyed, the definition of (fill in the blank) will become far more vague and arbitrary, charges of (fill in the blank) will become far more common, and the penalty for (fill in the blank) will become far more extreme.

20 Favorite Songs Of All Time

20. “Hope There’s Someone,” Antony & The Johnsons 19. “Always,” Erasure 18. “Here Comes the Flood,” Peter Gabriel 17. “Suicide Is Painless,” Bill Evans 16. “Life on Mars?” David Bowie 15. “Deer Stop,” Goldfrapp 14. “Heartbeats,” The Knife 13. “This,” Brian Eno 12. “Ambulance,” Blur 11. “Building A Mystery,” Sarah McLachlan 10. “Wish You WereContinue reading “20 Favorite Songs Of All Time”