On Witch Hunts

The modern man uses the term “witch hunt” as a euphemism for injustice and hysteria because he thinks witches an absurd superstition. The modern man does not believe any “hunt” could ever turn up a witch. For all their faults, the people of Salem gave trials to those accused of witchcraft. Those accused of theContinue reading “On Witch Hunts”

Every Time

Tom: We’ve made remarkable cultural progress over the last fifty years. Harry: Really? What about rising suicide rates? And do you know how many Americans are on antidepressants? Tom: We’ve probably always been this depressed. It just wasn’t reported or diagnosed before. Every time.


The mask mandate was lifted in Virginia two days ago. However, in the city of Richmond, every business I have been to over the weekend is still enforcing it. Small shops, big shops, chain stores, grocery stores. If anyone has a list of businesses in Richmond that are no longer requiring customers to wear masks,Continue reading “Direction”

New Proverbs

The man who claims it is courageous to suddenly begin doing what everyone else in the world is doing simply wants to apply a gloss of virtue to the filthy rags of fashion.

Houllebecq Against Euthanasia

This recent essay about euthanasia by Michel Houllebecq is (so far as I know) the only essay by France’s most controversial intellectual in more than a year. As a secularist, lech, and generally loathsome individual, it is nonetheless a remarkable read.

Sentimentality Makes Life Harder For The Weak, Not Easier

Over the last twenty-five years, smoking rates are down and suicide rates are up. This must have something to do with the rules of discourse which surround either subject. If we spoke of suicide as bluntly as we speak of smoking, suicide rates might go own, as well. And yet, the more common suicide becomes,Continue reading “Sentimentality Makes Life Harder For The Weak, Not Easier”