The Space Race

Thirty years ago, the most readily identifiable icon of the space race was Neil Armstrong, a reserved and dignified man who observed a brief communion service with Buzz Aldrin while they were on the moon. Today, the most readily identifiable icon of the space race is Elon Musk, who named his child “X AE A-XII”Continue reading “The Space Race”

Let Us Solve That

Christians who are tempted to gaze longingly at the world and regard the world as a paragon of sophistication, all the while thinking Christians a lowly and embarrassing crowd of underfunded fundamentalists, really ought to spend five minutes scrolling through the “Origin of language” page on Wikipedia.

On Cancelling Dr. Seuss

This is from a review of Frog and Toad are Friends. Christians have maintained such daft opinions on children’s books for years. What is worse, reasonable Christians have politely nodded as their unreasonable friends and acquaintances have said such stupid things. Granted, fear of Seuss is risible, but Christians can’t all-of-a-sudden pretend they care aboutContinue reading “On Cancelling Dr. Seuss”


The sort of person who pays to be cryogenically frozen in hope of being brought back to life in the future suffers from the worst kind of stupidity and naivete. If someone cryogenically frozen a hundred years ago (in 1921) were brought back to life today, that person would be condemned and cancelled within momentsContinue reading “Daft”


If you don’t have a police, you must have some organized group of people who keep a police from forming, and the people who keep a police from forming are the police.