“So Your Parents are Thinking of Sending You to a Classical Christian School” Is Available Now

The new pamphlet for prospective students is available now on Gibbs Classical. Head over to Gibbs Classical and read lengthy excerpts and reviews. An excerpt from the pamphlet: “There are many different kinds of Christians. There are Lutherans, Baptists, Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians, Methodists, and hundreds of other denominations. Most classical Christian schools are open toContinue reading ““So Your Parents are Thinking of Sending You to a Classical Christian School” Is Available Now”

You Need To Be Qualified To Read St. Paul

“The desire to treat every book of the Bible equally often inclines classical educators (and youth group leaders) to teach New Testament epistles to young students simply because St. Paul says a lot about grace and faith and salvation, which are subjects modern Christians obsess over. However, St. Paul’s teachings on faith are meaningless andContinue reading “You Need To Be Qualified To Read St. Paul”

Free Webinar: Reconciling Beauty and Progress

On June 9, at 8:00pm EST, I am delivering “Reconciling Beauty and Progress,” a free webinar for newsletter subscribers to GibbsClassical.com.   Beauty is rightly understood as an overflow, a surplus, and a gratuity. Beauty contributes nothing to our survival. Beauty is luxury and privilege. On the other hand, progress is now a cultural pursuit typically associatedContinue reading “Free Webinar: Reconciling Beauty and Progress”

GibbsClassical.com 2021-2022 Classes

Registration opens on Friday, May 21, for the following GibbsClassical.com classes: Fall 2021 Courses: Foundations of Modern Politics and British Ladies of the Nineteenth Century Friday afternoons, September 3 through December 10 (no class November 26th) Foundations of Modern Politics will start at 1:45pm EST British Ladies of the 19th Century will start at 3:05pm EST Sessions run 65 minutes. __Continue reading “GibbsClassical.com 2021-2022 Classes”