Varieties Of Hypocrisy

There is a certain kind of fellow whose intellectual interest in some traditional theological position grows even as his own interest (or ability) in living out the implications of that theology decline. In fact, he believes his right to indulge the flesh is purchased by his vehement condemnation of the same indulgence.

Integrated Zeitgeist Solutions

Last summer, I saw a billboard for a massage therapist who claimed to offer “Integrated Massage Solutions,” which sounded perfectly absurd, but then I started to notice these terms everywhere. Everything is integrated. Everything is a solution. Yogurt companies don’t sell yogurt anymore. They sell “Integrated Yogurt Solutions.” Teachers don’t offer online classes, they offerContinue reading “Integrated Zeitgeist Solutions”

Quit Asking Potential Teachers About Their “Personal Philosophy of Education.”

Skip asking potential teachers about their “personal philosophy of education.” That won’t tell you anything about them. Ask them to write a description of a school which calls itself classical, thinks of itself as classical, but isn’t. How have they fooled themselves? What allows the illusion to persist? When is the illusion likely to beContinue reading “Quit Asking Potential Teachers About Their “Personal Philosophy of Education.””