The Megachurching Of Classical Christian Education

“The average megachurch talks constantly about ‘taking over this town for Jesus.’ It’s a large scale cultural project with returns that can be easily measured. And the megachurch model is (apparently) successful, at least in the short run, which is what tempts classical Christian schools to borrow the megachurch ethos, aesthetics, and business model.” -fromContinue reading “The Megachurching Of Classical Christian Education”

One Of The Most Generous Poems

Christmas Party At The South Danbury Church by Donald Hall December twenty-firstwe gather at the white Church festoonedred and green, the tree flashinggreen-red lights beside the altar.After the children of Sunday Schoolrecite Scripture, sing songs,and scrape out solos,they retire to dress for the finale,to perform the pageantagain: Mary and Joseph kneelingcradleside, Three Kings,shepherds and shepherdesses.Continue reading “One Of The Most Generous Poems”