At The Movies

My life is already sufficiently taxing that the idea of watching Everything Everywhere All At Once is rather overwhelming. I’d rather see A Few Nice Things Nearby Arranged In A Pleasing Chronological Manner.

January Vibes Only

For a cold gray day or cold gray evening. Sort of jazz, sort of ambient, occasionally beautiful, completely German. Put it on and forget about it, or put it on and sort of enjoy it. Worth the sixty seconds it takes to preview.

10 Favorite Music Videos Of All Time

10. Across the Universe, Fiona Apple (Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson) 9. Gosh, Jamie XX (Directed by Romain Gavras) 8. Lost Cause, Beck 7. Let Forever Be, The Chemical Brothers (Directed by Michel Gondry) 6. Virtual Insanity, Jamiroquai (Directed by Jonathan Glazer) 5. Bachelorette, Bjork (Directed by Michel Gondry) 4. Just, Radiohead (Directed by JamieContinue reading “10 Favorite Music Videos Of All Time”