New Music From Dustin O’Halloran

Dustin O’Halloran isn’t as clever as Chilly Gonzales, but he is one of the most elegant living composers of solo piano pieces. O’Halloran’s Piano Solos 1 and Piano Solos 2 are among my favorite records of all time. Melancholic, contemplative, bookish: O’Halloran unapologetically borrows from the nocturnes of 18th century Irish composer John Field, thoughContinue reading “New Music From Dustin O’Halloran”

Summer 2021: On The Road

This summer, we will drive more than 6000 miles and see many national parks and old friends. This is the official trip playlist, which I have made collaborative for anyone who wants to listen, discern the mood, and add a few song to help out the family.

Registration Is Now Open On For All 2021-2022 Classes

Registration is now open on for all 2021-2022 classes. There are a limited number of Student level openings in Foundations of Modern Politics, British Ladies of the Nineteenth Century, The Divine Comedy for Beginners, and Modern Romance: The Cult of Courtly Love in Theory, Literature, and Film. All these classes have an Auditor option, asContinue reading “Registration Is Now Open On For All 2021-2022 Classes”