Excerpt: From The Forthcoming “A Short Introduction To Classical Christian Education”

“If you are new to classical Christian education, greetings. Welcome. If you do a little digging into classical Christian education, you will find that the classical Christian schools in this country have a good deal in common, but that there are differences between them, as well. Some of the ways they differ are insignificant, butContinue reading “Excerpt: From The Forthcoming “A Short Introduction To Classical Christian Education””

Too Catholic: A Classical Odyssey

“It is probably safe to assume that every classical Christian school in the country sees itself as the rival of some better funded, more liberal Christian school across town.” Too Catholic: A Classical Odyssey is now available on the CiRCE website. This piece originally appeared in an issue of FORMA several years ago, but thisContinue reading “Too Catholic: A Classical Odyssey”

Adult Slang: “Adjacent” Is The New “Pivot”

Remember back in 2020 when everybody wanted to use the word “pivot”? Journalists, critiques, commentators, everyone really, loved an excuse to use the word “pivot.” It was so modern, so edgy, and sounded so informed and zeitgeisty. Now everyone wants to say “adjacent.” “This coffee isn’t fruity, but it’s fruit-adjacent.” “This movie isn’t horror, butContinue reading “Adult Slang: “Adjacent” Is The New “Pivot””

Is Classical Education Sustainable?

“Yet many school leaders misunderstand the basis of culture, seeing it as something produced more by a shared vision than by shared behavior. In other words, they emphasize the ends while giving insufficient attention to the means. In the classical sphere, many leaders commit this error because they are more comfortable in the world ofContinue reading “Is Classical Education Sustainable?”

You Can Ban Smart Phones And Social Media At Your School And Remain Solvent

Last night, I had dinner with Frank Chilbert, the lower school principal at Mainline Classical in Bryn Mawr, PA. He told me that Mainline Classical did not allow students to have smart phones and neither were students permitted to have social media accounts while they were enrolled. Have a look at their website. It canContinue reading “You Can Ban Smart Phones And Social Media At Your School And Remain Solvent”