The Writing Life

“Very few high school writing teachers are writers. Non-writers who teach writing are generally more optimistic (and more vocal) about the prospect of ‘making good writers’ out of high school students, which is why many parents believe their sons and daughters can become better writers while maintaining debilitating screen addictions, writing very little, and almostContinue reading “The Writing Life”

Other Compelling Lessons I Learned From “The Crown”

“While I appreciate the fact the so-called “Matthew 18 principle” prohibits gossip and slander, many Christians treat the “Matthew 18 principle” as a kind of theological-bureaucratic rigmarole that must be blown through before the real work of dismantling someone’s reputation or career can be “righteously” undertaken. I find it telling that the eighteenth chapter ofContinue reading “Other Compelling Lessons I Learned From “The Crown””