My Son Thinks The Problem Is That You Just Don’t Like Him

“Father: My son has been struggling with his grades, as you know, and there are probably some things his mother and I could do on that front, but I think there’s a bigger problem with your class. Gibbs: What is that problem? Father: Well, Raiden is convinced that you don’t like him.” -from my latestContinue reading “My Son Thinks The Problem Is That You Just Don’t Like Him”

The Enduring Appeal Of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

“A Charlie Brown Christmas insists the problem is not with Christmas, but with us. Christmas doesn’t need to be fixed. We do. While we tend to remember all the comments about ‘commercialism’ made in the film, in the end, A Charlie Brown Christmas asks those who complain about Christmas commercialism to quit soapboxing and sing aContinue reading “The Enduring Appeal Of “A Charlie Brown Christmas””

The Megachurching Of Classical Christian Education

“The average megachurch talks constantly about ‘taking over this town for Jesus.’ It’s a large scale cultural project with returns that can be easily measured. And the megachurch model is (apparently) successful, at least in the short run, which is what tempts classical Christian schools to borrow the megachurch ethos, aesthetics, and business model.” -fromContinue reading “The Megachurching Of Classical Christian Education”

The Next Generation Of Classical Educators Is Here

“Do a little digging and you will find the About Us section of most classical Christian school websites is really not all that different from non-classical Christian school websites. However, one gets the distinct impression that Bobby McGee is not trying to win any popularity contests. At present, the students at St. Francis Classical doContinue reading “The Next Generation Of Classical Educators Is Here”

How To Teach The Same Books Over And Over Again

“The teacher has only to take stock of his soul as class begins and consider all that God has lately asked him to ponder through the divinely appointed accidents, epiphanies, and confrontations of the day. A teacher doesn’t need to stretch a chapter in Pride & Prejudice in order to talk about jealousy, gossip, broken relationships withContinue reading “How To Teach The Same Books Over And Over Again”

When Is A Standing Ovation Warranted?

“When the standing ovation is thought permissible for any and every performance which wins the heart of the audience—even a lot of first graders doing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”—the performers are likely to be disappointed and even insulted in the future when a more reasonable audience offers more modest praise. But great praise ought toContinue reading “When Is A Standing Ovation Warranted?”

The Secret Life Of

“Almost all our faults are more pardonable than the methods we resort to to hide them,” said La Rochefoucauld. In the latest episode of Proverbial, I return to one of my favorite subjects: secret sin. Episode 82 is available now.