Talk To Me

“I don’t allow students to email me about anything which could be addressed in person. Students who don’t have the nerve to boldly ask adults for favors, opinions, or permission will be at a significant disadvantage when they enter their 20s. The only way to acquire such nerve is through practice.” -from “Do Not EmailContinue reading “Talk To Me”

How To Pick A Church When You Go Off To College

“Given the profound importance most Christians now place on community, Christian high school seniors cannot be blamed for thinking Christian friends will help them keep the faith when they go to college . ‘Building community’ and ‘being in community’ are nearly the whole point of the modern church, whose chief purpose is to facilitate smallContinue reading “How To Pick A Church When You Go Off To College”

If Your Son Quits Going To Church In College, You Owe Me $5000

“Gibbs: I’ve seen a lot of kids lose their faith at colleges like the one he’s trying to get into. Parent: What is it about Allister that makes you think that will happen to him? Gibbs: Honestly, it’s not him. It’s you. Anyone as certain as you are that things will be just fine simplyContinue reading “If Your Son Quits Going To Church In College, You Owe Me $5000”

In Defense Of Skipping The Introduction

“Nine times out of ten, knowing “where the author is coming from” is simply leverage for dismissing all the stickiest, most confrontational claims the author makes. “Where the author is coming from” means that none of his claims about truth is objective or transcendent but materially connected with his experience. All of his assertions andContinue reading “In Defense Of Skipping The Introduction”

Enough Is Enough: I Am Banning Water Bottles From The Classroom

“As with the fidget spinner fad, our “need” for water bottles has a tissue-like connection to “science.” I put that word in quotes, because the science behind our need to “stay hydrated” is even thinner and more tawdry than “the science” behind wearing two masks. Remember that one? Most of the people claiming it’s importantContinue reading “Enough Is Enough: I Am Banning Water Bottles From The Classroom”

A Discussion Guide For Overhauling Your Writing Program

“Classical Christian schools overhaul their writing programs around every three to four years. This means there is a good chance your school is overhauling their writing program this summer. Before you make any new curriculum purchases or draft new writing requirements for teachers to follow, allow me to humbly suggest you talk through the followingContinue reading “A Discussion Guide For Overhauling Your Writing Program”