I’m Going To Pick A Fight

“‘Choose your battles carefully’ is now a proverb exclusively cited on occasions wherein there will be no battle. I have never heard someone say, ‘Choose your battles carefully,’ and mean, ‘You need to fight right now.’ Be careful of people who say, ‘Choose our battles carefully’ and never actually choose a battle.” -Proverbial, Episode 61:Continue reading “I’m Going To Pick A Fight”

A School Is Only As Classical As Its Teachers

“There is a very real sense in which all the headmaster’s work comes down to the work his teachers do in the classroom. Delivering a classical education is like a relay race. The board runs the first leg, the headmasters runs the second, the curriculum runs the third, but the teacher runs the final leg.Continue reading “A School Is Only As Classical As Its Teachers”

Many Classical Christian Schools Have Their Own Sort Of Cancel Culture

“While somewhat awkward (and perhaps a little macabre), it would be worthwhile for any ecumenical school administration which fires an Orthodox or Catholic convert to ask in the exit interview, “What does it feel like to suffer such a huge loss for your convictions?” I suspect the answer would help the school deal in aContinue reading “Many Classical Christian Schools Have Their Own Sort Of Cancel Culture”

How To Not Raise Egotists

“There’s a certain sort of teenager who simply cannot appreciate the fact that adults—specifically teachers and parents—are reasonable, feeling human beings who respond in realistic ways to insult, abuse, slight, and offense.” -from How To Not Raise Egotists, my latest for CiRCE