How To Give A Lecture At A Summer Conference

“One of the greatest needs in classical Christian education today is a chorus of voices who are willing to boldly speak against the modern corporate values, ethics, aesthetics, iconography, and strategies that are constantly demanding entrance into our schools. Leadership isn’t a virtue. Community isn’t a virtue. Teamwork isn’t a virtue. Soft capitulation to suchContinue reading “How To Give A Lecture At A Summer Conference”

Teaching Courage In A Sentimental Age

“Our distaste for courage is born of sentimentalism, the belief that it is never right to ask or force others to endure emotional discomfort. Given that the Lord teaches ‘no discipline is pleasant,’ and Solomon teaches ‘with much knowledge comes much sorrow,’ sentimentalists and honest educators are necessarily on a collision course.”  -from my latestContinue reading “Teaching Courage In A Sentimental Age”

We Need Fewer Philosophy Teachers And More Philosophy Coaches

“As a philosophy teacher, I think coaches have it pretty good. Coaches never struggle to convey the importance of their work. Because the work of coaches is more important than the work of teachers, coaches are allowed to speak to students passionately, realistically, and without sentimentality. Part of the reason kids take sports seriously isContinue reading “We Need Fewer Philosophy Teachers And More Philosophy Coaches”

I’m Going To Pick A Fight

“‘Choose your battles carefully’ is now a proverb exclusively cited on occasions wherein there will be no battle. I have never heard someone say, ‘Choose your battles carefully,’ and mean, ‘You need to fight right now.’ Be careful of people who say, ‘Choose our battles carefully’ and never actually choose a battle.” -Proverbial, Episode 61:Continue reading “I’m Going To Pick A Fight”