Quit Taking Notes

After an epiphany over the summer, I began my in-person classes this year with an exercise (or an experiment) wherein I aimed to prove to my literature students and theology students that they were better off not taking notes during class. In the last six weeks of school, I have often required students to put their notes away during class and simply read along with me. I have also occasionally required them to put their books aside, as well, and to only listen while I read. Consequently, I have found my students far more invested in class and enjoying remarkable retention of what they read and hear. 

I want to explain to you what I am doing, why it works, why it is classical, and why measuring the diligence of students by note-taking is profoundly counterproductive.

On Monday, October 25th, at 8:00pm EST, I am offering Rethinking Notes, a free webinar. Recordings of this lecture will only be available for current Gibbs Classical students. Registration is now open for Spring 2022 classes including The Divine Comedy for Beginners and Modern Romance: The Cult of Courtly Love in Theory, Literature, and Film. Students registered for Spring 2022 classes will have access to this webinar recording.  

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