Embracing Your Imperfections

Tom: I think it’s important for people to embrace their imperfections.

Harry: Even racists?

Tom: Racism isn’t an imperfection. It’s evil.

Harry: What sort of imperfections did you have in mind?

Tom: I don’t know. Ordering too much from the Pottery Barn website.

Harry: You think it’s important that people embrace the fact they order too much from Pottery Barn?

Tom: Yes.

Harry: How important?

Tom: I mean, pretty important.

Harry: What will happen if you don’t embrace the fact you order too much from Pottery Barn?

Tom: I mean, you might not order enough from Pottery Barn.

Harry: Would you say that repeating moronic secularist slogans is an imperfection?

Tom: …Hey.

Published by Joshua Gibbs

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