Names Of Things

I wish people would say “hard” or “difficult” instead of “challenging.” It’s impossible to tell what someone means when they say something is “challenging.” Eight times out of ten, “challenging” means, “I am trying to put a positive spin on something which is tearing me apart,” or, “I am too proud to say just howContinue reading “Names Of Things”

You Do It To Yourself And That’s Why It Really Hurts

From a history class in the year 2500 A.D. Teacher: One of the things men in the 21st century absolutely despised was attending meetings. No one liked meetings. Student: I don’t know if I can believe that. Teacher: Why? Student: If everyone hated meetings, who was scheduling all the meetings? Teacher: The same people thatContinue reading “You Do It To Yourself And That’s Why It Really Hurts”

Talking With My 12-Year-Old Daughter About The Rich

“Camilla: Is it good to be cosmopolitan? Gibbs: Being cosmopolitan will not save your soul, but it is good that some people are cosmopolitan. In┬áReflections on the Revolution in France, Edmund Burke says it is good for the church to have a few wealthy, well-travelled bishops. Cosmopolitan bishops are easier for rich people to respect,Continue reading “Talking With My 12-Year-Old Daughter About The Rich”

If Children Answered Questions Like Adults Being Interviewed On NPR

Mrs. Grady: Class, what is 9 divided by 3? Lucas? Lucas (7): Absolutely. Yeah. So, 3? __ Dad: Did you call your sister a ‘puke sandwich’ and hit her in the face with the Happy Pumper? Elijah (5): Sure. So, no. __ Mr. Ogleby: Alright, my little biologists. First review question from yesterday’s lesson: IsContinue reading “If Children Answered Questions Like Adults Being Interviewed On NPR”

On Bitcoin

Gibbs: (walking out of Ready Player One in the year 2018) That was lousy. Time traveller from 2021: Believe it or not, three years from now, the premise of that movie will come true and overtake our currency markets. Lousy or not, that movie will prove prescient. Gibbs: You’re crazy. Time traveller from 2021: YouContinue reading “On Bitcoin”