If we ever found intelligent life outside of earth, there is a 0% chance their philosophy of gender and race would coincide with ours, which would mean about ten minutes after discovering alien life, #CancelAliens would start trending.


Camilla (age 11): “I started a club at school today for girls who like old things like parasols, fans, gloves, and hoop skirts. If you’re in the club, you’re not allowed to say ‘cringey,’ ‘vibes,’ or ‘hashtag.’ We don’t know what to call the club, though.” Gibbs: “Sisterhood of the Modern Grievance. No. How aboutContinue reading “JEMS”

Poetry: After Luther’s Commentary on Ecclesiastes

Making Up a Room For Grief by Joshua Gibbs Lest I be surprised and over thrown as though by a family of five arriving suddenly before dawn announcing a twelve year residency in my tiny house I have decided to begin making up a room for Grief I do not know when he will comeContinue reading “Poetry: After Luther’s Commentary on Ecclesiastes”