Filling A Void

I have begun work on my next writing project, which will be an 8000 word pamphlet which begins:


If you are reading this, it means your parents are considering whether or not they ought to enroll you in a classical Christian school. There are a number of directions things could go from here. As your parents learn more about classical Christian education, they may decide this is the perfect place for you, or they may decide to withdraw their application and look for a school which better suits your needs and convictions. They may decide they want you to become a student at this school, but their application is declined. Of course, your own thoughts and feelings about the matter are important, as well. If your parents want you to become a student at this school, but you are entirely opposed to it, it could mean the admissions office determines this school is not a good fit for you. 

The intended audience of the pamphlet is the 8th through 12th grader whose parents are considering whether to enroll him at “this school.” The pamphlet can be included in the packets which all classical schools have on hand for prospective parents.

The pamphlet will cover topics which classical-oriented subjects that teenagers care about most and will be written directly to teenagers, not their parents. It will also describe the classical approach to popular culture, taste, virtue, and so forth. I am writing it in the blunt, somewhat confrontational style that I usually lecture in, which I will actually inspire teenagers to read it.

I will sell this pamphlet (tentatively titled So Your Parents are Thinking of Sending You to a Classical Christian School) through my website as a PDF. It will probably go on sale in early March.

As far as I know nothing like this already exists, but classical schools have a great need right now to bolster their gatekeeping, and this pamphlet exists for just such a purpose.

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