Tradition and Progress: How To Be Conservative All By Yourself

“One of the most interesting differences between progressives and traditionalists is their rival beliefs about personal responsibility. Progressive philosophy is chiefly concerned with changing society, which usually entails changing other people whether they like it or not. It is difficult to imagine a lone progressive individual living out a progressive worldview in a society otherwise occupied by traditionalists. Progress requires massive fortunes, massive projects, and extensive laws to oversee it all, which makes it hard to live progressively by yourself on a Friday night. On the other hand, a traditionalist is capable of living a traditional life in a society otherwise occupied by progressives. On a Friday night, he can read old books, listen to old music, and teach his children old truths whether anyone else in the neighborhood agrees or not.”

-my latest for CiRCE is a preview of the classes I am offering this fall through Gibbs Classical. If you enjoy my work, this is the ideal article to share with friends.

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