Why I Bought My Teenage Son An Invisibility Cloak

“You can’t be too careful these days, and when you know your child has an invisibility cloak, you feel a lot better about letting him leave the house. If he ever gets lost in a bad part of town and some unsavory characters start following him, he can put on his invisibility cloak and get away easily and quickly. There are more than six hundred mass shootings every year in America, and I want to know that if someone opens fire at Carter’s school, or the mall, or a movie theater, Carter can slip on his invisibility cloak and evade being shot. These are rather obvious safety features of an invisibility cloak, but it can also be used to get out of risky social situations. If he’s at a party and everyone begins smoking marijuana or drinking liquor, Carter might feel pressured into doing it. If he didn’t have an easy out, he might make a decision he would regret. However, with an invisibility cloak, he can excuse himself to the restroom and just not return to the party. That way he could avoid a potentially embarrassing situation where he had say “No,” and make a scene.

Statistically speaking, I know Carter is not likely to find himself in an active shooter situation, and to be honest, the real reason I bought him an invisibility cloak is because it will help him grow closer to his friends.”

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Published by Joshua Gibbs

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