Overgrown Adolescents: Rise of the 18-34 Year-Old

“Once Americans hits the age of 18, their tastes are not expected or required to change all that much for the next sixteen years. Between 18 and 34, a person will likely leave home, go to college, graduate college, and enter a career. The average age of a first-time homebuyer in this country is 32. So far as successful corporations are concerned, though, none of these events is expected to make much of an effect. Even marriage benignly bounces off a fellow, creating no more indelible a mark on his priorities than smoke on the wind. Life itself is not thought an important enough thing to warrant significant change.”

-from Overgrown Adolescents, my latest for CiRCE 

Published by Joshua Gibbs

Sophist. De-activist. Hack. Avid indoorsman.

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