“A Short Introduction To Classical Christian Education” Will Be Available To Purchase This Weekend

“Classical Christian education is a movement caught in a strange moment. Because classical Christian education is a rapidly growing movement, it is presently filled with both many newcomers and many veterans. One of my goals in authoring this pamphlet is to get newcomers and veterans on the same page. It is tempting to speak to each group separately and offer a slightly different message, but I believe that would only deepen divisions currently present in the movement. For this reason, I have written a treatise on classical Christian education which is both meant as an introduction to newcomers and a plumbline by which veterans can measure their own grasp of the movement’s purpose. 

If you are new to classical Christian education, greetings. Welcome. If you do a little digging, you will find that the classical Christian schools in this country have a good deal in common, but there are also differences between them. Some of these differences are insignificant, but as the movement continues to grow, some of the differences are becoming quite significant—significant enough that two schools both claiming to be “classical Christian schools” might not really be doing the same thing. Regardless of which school has the better understanding of classical Christian education, the differences become a problem for both schools if they do not carefully and clearly articulate what the “classical Christian” label means up front. Failing to do so will mean that a school brings in new families and teachers who think classical Christian education means one thing while the administration and older teachers think it means something very different, in which case the school will slowly become divided against itself. If this happens often enough, the entire movement will become divided against itself. I have written this pamphlet to help prevent this from happening.”

-from “A Short Introduction to Classical Christian Education,” available 3/18 through Gibbs Classical 

Published by Joshua Gibbs

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