Is Classical Christian Education Necessarily Racist?

“One of the first objections skeptics raise to classical Christian education is the insistence that slavery is old and so classical Christian education must be racist given it vindicates everything old; however, classicism does not vindicate everything old. It assumes the goodness of things which last, and slavery is a human institution which has been defeated many, many times by Christian people. It is not a tradition which has been faithfully handed down from one generation to another across the centuries, as have been the works of Homer or the sacrament of confession. As with prostitution, slavery is an evil which Christian people battle over and over again. Classical Christians believe the most persuasive arguments against racist ideologies are found not in the fashionable beliefs of our day, which come and go, but in the writings and sermons of St. Augustine and St. John Chrysostom.”

-from “A Short Introduction to Classical Christian Education,” coming soon through

Published by Joshua Gibbs

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