Adult Slang: “Adjacent” Is The New “Pivot”

Remember back in 2020 when everybody wanted to use the word “pivot”? Journalists, critiques, commentators, everyone really, loved an excuse to use the word “pivot.” It was so modern, so edgy, and sounded so informed and zeitgeisty.

Now everyone wants to say “adjacent.”

“This coffee isn’t fruity, but it’s fruit-adjacent.”

“This movie isn’t horror, but it’s horror-adjacent.”

“You don’t sound like an idiot, you’re just idiot-adjacent.”

Were adults always so much like teenagers?

I am surrounded by teenagers all day, every day, and they similarly cycle through words which make them feel important, words by which they identify themselves as being sophisticated, contemporary, and in-the-know.

With teenagers, it’s amusing. With adults, it’s pathetic.

Published by Joshua Gibbs

Sophist. De-activist. Hack. Avid indoorsman.

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