Roe V Wade And Mid-Level Christian Intellectuals

This week, mid-level Christian intellectuals the nation over are trying to decide whether to say anything on social media about the fall of Roe. The options are to say nothing about it or to say something positive about it.

For most mid-level Christian intellectuals (10k followers to 100k followers on Twitter, say), saying something positive about the fall of Roe is going to mean significant blowback. Perhaps as much as a 5% audience decline. For such intellectuals employed at universities, the blowback will be even more intense.

These same intellectuals are also tempted to say nothing. The justification for saying nothing is gymnastic: “It’s not a sin to say nothing. The Bible actually says more about the importance of silence than the importance of talking. Besides, I’m really not political. I really try to stay out of political discourse and the fall of Roe is obviously political. I may have made comments about political stuff in the past, but all the political stuff I have commented on has a cultural angle, as well, and I’m really more on the cultural end of things than the political end of things. Besides, a soft answer turns away wrath. I need to pause, say nothing, and really meditate on what to say here. I may have immediately written responses to politi-I mean cultural events in the past, but this is one I really want to linger over before speaking. I need to come up with something conciliating, something peaceful, something…urbane, something that will get pro-choice people to really think. There’s no sense dogpiling on them.”

Thank God Roe has fallen.

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