The Next Generation Of Classical Educators Is Here

“Do a little digging and you will find the About Us section of most classical Christian school websites is really not all that different from non-classical Christian school websites. However, one gets the distinct impression that Bobby McGee is not trying to win any popularity contests. At present, the students at St. Francis Classical do not receive numerical grades and are not expecting to receive diplomas. And while St. Francis is an ACCS member school, they are not accredited and do not plan on seeking accreditation. “Remaining unaccredited allows us to offer courses and establish pedagogical practices specially crafted for our students and our tutors,” said McGee. Accordingly, St. Francis is not a school which will fast-track students to earthly success. In fact, sending your child to St. Francis means giving up on a good deal of what the world thinks is important, and yet, with six instructors and twenty-four students in their first year, it seems giving up on the world is a viable business model.”

-from “The Next Generation,” my latest for CiRCE

Published by Joshua Gibbs

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