The Love Of Learning Is Not A Virtue

“Thoughtful Christians rightly lampoon the vagueness and insipidity of secularist slogans like “Love is love” and “Be yourself.” And yet, to “love learning” is just as vague. Love learning what? When a certain student does not do his math homework and spends Latin class flirting with the girl beside him, the problem isn’t that he “doesn’t love learning,” it’s that he doesn’t love learning math and Latin, or that he doesn’t love his teacher enough, or his parents. He absolutely loves learning other things, though, like how to make a TikTok video that will go viral, or what sort of attention the opposite sex will most readily respond to. I can absolutely promise you the boy wants knowledge.”

-from my The Love Of Learning Is Not A Virtue, my latest for CiRCE

Published by Joshua Gibbs

Sophist. De-activist. Hack. Avid indoorsman.

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