Ted Lasso’s Secret? He’s An Evangelical

Ted Lasso only makes sense as an evangelical, though the writers of the show refuse to admit it. It’s not just the blend of optimism and humility which make him an evangelical (not just generically Christian, but Midwestern evangelical in particular), but the fact he is obviously patterned after the most famous Christian television character of all time:

Same haircut, same mustache, same Oxford and sweater combo. Both characters are constantly smiling, constantly positive, constantly mocked by everyone else. They both have the same goofy sense of humor. “Sorry is not just the most exciting board game ever devised, it’s a word I need to hear from you!” and, “That sounds salty, but you seem sweet. I’m going to call you kettle corn,” are both Ned’s lines, but they could just as easily come from Ted. And their names even rhyme, for crying out loud.  

Why not out Ted, then? Why not let him pray with the team before a game?

Simple answer: Christians have spent the last fifty years reading their own lives into the lives of fictional secularists who populate current films and television shows, but secularists have a really hard time getting over the Christian faith of a fictional character. Why? Lack of practice has withered their ability. It takes a healthy imagination to see yourself in your enemies.

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