Free Lecture: Love What Lasts

“While some Christians still prefer worldview analysis as a cultural hermeneutic, worldview analysis has largely been replaced by cultural engagement. With the ascendance of Emergent Christianity in the years following the World Trade Center attacks, worldview reductionism fell out of fashion and young Christian essayists and bloggers adopted a softer approach to analyzing secular films. Worldview analysis came to be seen as nitpicky, strict, overly intellectual, and overly critical. The worldview analyst wanted to build a hedge of protection around his heart which could keep the world out, but Emergent Christians fancied themselves bridge builders and accordingly styled their approach to secular culture as one of deference, sympathy, and respect. Emergent Christians went so far as to pride themselves on the familiarity and kinship they felt towards the world, even going so far as to claim the world’s complaints with Christianity were an essential aspect of Christianity itself.”

-From the forthcoming Love What Lasts

I have received the editor’s notes on the rough draft of Love What Lasts and am now in the process of revising it before it sent off to the copy editor. The idea for Love What Lasts began almost four years ago with this blog post on the subject of mediocrity. Since then, I have often written and lectured on the subject of mediocrity and commonness. Proverbial was intended as both a lab and a clearinghouse for the ideas which would ultimately become Love What Lasts.

In the next month, I will give a free lecture through on the subject of film wherein portions of Love What Lasts will be presented. Links to this lecture will be sent out through the mailing list. If you would like to attend the lecture, all you need to do is sign up.

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