Harold Budd, My Favorite Living Musician, Has Gone On To His Eternal Reward

At the age of 84, my favorite living musician, Harold Budd, has died. I was listening to his record The Plateaux of Mirror when I received a text from a friend informing me of his repose.

For the last several years of my life, Harold Budd has been a regular fixture of my days. His The White Arcades (1988) and Lovely Thunder (1986) have been my regular companions while writing more than a hundred essays and a good portion of Something They Will Not Forget was invented while Abandoned Cities (1984) played on headphones. Budd began his career in the avant garde, but quickly became a close observer of nature and made music which modeled the serenity and sublimity of the Earth.

He was a mild man who created mild and contemplative music for a tumultuous period of human history. I admire him deeply and mourn his passing. Memory Eternal, Harold Budd, servant of the Lord.

Published by Joshua Gibbs

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