20 Favorite Songs Of All Time

20. “Hope There’s Someone,” Antony & The Johnsons

19. “Always,” Erasure

18. “Here Comes the Flood,” Peter Gabriel

17. “Suicide Is Painless,” Bill Evans

16. “Life on Mars?” David Bowie

15. “Deer Stop,” Goldfrapp

14. “Heartbeats,” The Knife

13. “This,” Brian Eno

12. “Ambulance,” Blur

11. “Building A Mystery,” Sarah McLachlan

10. “Wish You Were Here,” Pink Floyd

9. “1995,” The Radio Dept

8. “We Never Change,” Coldplay

7. “A Lady of a Certain Age,” The Divine Comedy

6. “Fantino,” Sebastien Tellier

5. “Boy About 10,” Harold Budd

4. “7,” Prince

3. “Temptation,” New Order

2. “In The Absence of the Sun,” Duncan Sheik

1. “Sometimes,” My Bloody Valentine

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