Two Kinds Of Originality

Student: Don’t you find completely derivative art pointless and dull, though?

Gibbs: Most derivative art is dull because it aims to be wildly original. The sort of people who make originality a top priority are dull because they draw from a laughably small pool of influences. These days, every “wildly original” artist is either imitating de Sade or Duchamp: full-blown hedonism or full-blown Gnosticism. The less interested in originality you are, the more wide and diverse your influences can become. The artist who doesn’t care about being unique can draw from Michelangelo, Joyce, Bach, and Ingmar Bergman at the same time and not lose any sleep. And what a cadre of masters that would be!

-from the yet untitled Book No. 6

Published by Joshua Gibbs

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